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Blue Ray (or Witblitz) original design pylon racer by Tim Batt


Plans may be obtained by emailing Tim Batt []


Stan Sweet []


Recommended Equipment:


 Competition Motor:  A brushless outrunner motor with a maximum stator diameter of 22 mm and a maximum KV rating of 1800 KV.  The following is a partial list of acceptable motors and sources:


a.  RC Hot Deals     - Suppo A2208/12 - 1800 KV

b.  BP Hobbies         - Suppo A2208-12 - 1800 KV

c.  RC Timer            - RC Timer 2208-12 - 1800 KV

d.  Slick Zero           - Slick Zero 2208-12 - 1800 KV


        Note: Firewall motor mounting is recommended for the Blue Ray.



A 2S or 3S Li-Po battery of any capacity can be used as long as the weight is less than 130 grams (4.5 oz).

A 1000 mAh 20C Li-Po is recommended.


 Competition Prop:

APC 7x5 Thin Electric  (APC part number LP07050E) for indoor racing

APC 6.5x6.5 Pylon (APC part number LPO6565) for outdoor racing


Suggested Equipment:

•Receiver: 4 gram (0.14 oz) receiver

•ESC: 20 Amps

•Servos: (Qty 3) 6 to 8 gram (0.2 to 0.3 oz) ultra-light weight servos



Aircraft Specifications:

Wing Span: 24 inches (610 mm)

Wing Area: 174 square inches (0.112 square meters)

Airfoil: Semi Symmetrical

Total Length: 28 inches (711 mm)

Weight (without battery): 228 to 240 grams (8 to 8.5 oz)



Wing loading = 8.5 to 10 oz/sq ft (26 to 32 g/dm2)

2-cell battery = 310 gram (10.2 oz)

3-cell battery = 355 gram (12.5 oz)


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