Black Hawk R/C Pilots Flying Field


The club flying field is "OPEN" year-round.


All club members and guests must be AMA members to fly at the club flying field.


Guests may fly three times at the flying field without joining the club.


The lock combination to the gate to the flying field is changed at the beginning of each year. The combination will be on the back of your current Black Hawk R/C Pilots Membership Card.


From October through May, the Flying Field is "winterized".  The porta-potty is pumped and moved into the garage.  (The porta-potty cannot be used while it's stored in the garage!)  The picnic tables and most of the benches are also stored in the garage. The field remains open for flying as long as the access road is passable.


For a few weeks in late March and early April, the access road is too wet to drive on until the frost is out of the ground.  Do not attempt to drive on the access road to the field during this time.


Winter flying is possible if the access road is passable, but the access road is not plowed.


High water can occasionally close the access road to the flying field.  Check the water level on Beaver Creek on the Weather tab for more information.



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Phone:  319-266-2047