Here's the latest weather near the club flying field.


Beaver Creek flood information


Stage                Area Affected


15.7'   Record flood level in 2008


15.2'   Flood level in 2013


15'      MAJOR FLOOD STAGE  - The town levees are threatened.  Water may cover parts of State Road 57 west of town.


14'      MODERATE FLOOD STAGE - Many rural roads are flooded.


13'       MINOR FLOOD STAGE - Water covers lowest parts of town. - Flood level in 2014, 1999, 1993 and 1991.


12.5'      MINOR FLOOD STAGE - Agricultural flooding south and west of town


  11'       ACTION STAGE - Creek goes over banks and into woods.  It's possible for Beaver Creek to rise one foot per hour.

The access road to the flying field is in the 100 year flood plain and may also be flooded from uphill runoff after a heavy rainfall.  There's a 2% annual chance of flooding of the road.  The flying field is above the flood plain.

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